Wine tasting: what it is and why you should do it at least once

Wine tasting is not drinking, and it’s certainly not an excuse for a boozy night out. Wine is made to be enjoyed, tasted, and appreciated; this is the heart of wine tasting.

However, for many with a fine appreciation for wine, joining the experts for a night of tasting and perhaps some cheese may seem a little daunting, and rightfully so. Nonetheless, wine tasting evenings are usually not as serious as you’d expect, certainly different from the movies if that’s what you were thinking…

Wine tasting events allow you to find what wines you enjoy, one’s you dislike, and those bottles you probably should never touch again. The more wine tasting evenings you attend, the finer your taste and knowledge of wine. You will grow confident with your tastes, will recall and compare between other wines, and perhaps pinpoint the origin of the wine of the grapes used to make it.

That’s more of a fifth evening, however. This article will explain what wine tasting is and why you should do it at least once.

How to “properly” taste wine

Just because you’ve attended a wine tasting evening does not mean this is no excuse for a bottle, a straw, and a lonely corner to sit in. No, in fact, it’s quite the opposite. You are encouraged to mingle, to discuss with your fellow tasters, and to debate about the taste, the flavors, and the origin of the grapes. Can you pinpoint the vineyard of a specific sauvignon blanc?

However, it’s important to look the part. Besides, tasting wine the proper way allows you to develop your palate further, whilst allowing you to enjoy the wine (and the evening) that little bit more.

There are four key steps to proper wine tasting, these are as following:
  • Look (inspecting the wine under neutral lighting)
  • Smell (breathing with the back of your nose)
  • Taste (sour, bitter, or sweet?
  • Think about the wine profile, use this to compare against other wines

Wine tasting is enjoyable and classy

If you’ve never been to a wine tasting evening then you’re missing out. Not only do you get to try some of the finest wines, perhaps even a local batch from a vineyard down the road, but you get to meet new people, discussing all things taste, smell, look, and feel.

That’s about wine, by the way…

You might even feel like Leonardo DiCaprio in Great Gatsby, wine tasting is as classy it comes, sampling wines, and engaging in conversation with other keen tasters of all things wine; the taste, the look, the feel, the smell, and whether or not you’ll be taking a bottle home with you.

Top tip: take notes as you taste, these will become a valuable reference when buying wine yourself. Likewise, you can also bring these to your next tasting evening, re-jogging your memory and comparing it to other wines.

Wine tasting evenings are not just for celebrities or professionals

There’s a common misconception that wine tasting evenings are for very few people, mainly celebrities and professionals. However, this is far from the truth. Whilst there are prestigious wine tasting events, there are plenty of local and amateur ones held all over the world every single day.

In fact, visiting a vineyard and trying their finest wine is almost a must, especially if you find yourself in Champagne, France.

Top tip: if you find yourself abroad, visit local vineyards and try their selection of wine. This will be as fresh as it comes, perhaps squeezed from the grape hours before.

Cutting back to basics and engaging with our senses

Living such busy lives, how often is it that we get to appreciate the little things, the things we were born with? Like our senses.

A wine tasting evening is a great way to cut back to the basics, immersing all five of your senses; sight, touch, smell, taste, and hearing.

For example, at a wine tasting evening, your sense of sight is in the different wines, appreciating the different colors. Your sense of touch is feeling the wine through its texture and density. Your sense of smell is tested and developed, appreciating different grapes, flavors, and strength. You’ll spend the evening talking to others and hearing interesting stories about the wine including its origins, and finally, your sense of taste, tasting the wine, and appreciating it for its flavor and texture.

Remember: the more wine tasting events you attend, the better your senses and palate becomes.

You will discover what wine works best with what food

Have you ever found yourself out a restaurant or stood aisle in the supermarket wondering what wine will go well with your dinner?

Attending a wine evening will answer this question for good. You’ll mingle with others, discover the different flavors of many wines, and try the odd snack or two for a little bit of inspiration.

Should you find yourself hosting a dinner party in the near future, you’re sure to sweep the neighborhood away with your expert wine tasting skill and phenomenal palate. And, you’ll know exactly what foods and snacks to pair with your wine, white, red, or rose, it’s knowledge for life, not just for the evening.

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