Fun Wines for Thanksgiving

The holiday season is here. We can smell it already. Yes, the season is all about get-togethers with friends and family, all around the table. That means awesome food. When food and wine pairings are done right, both sides of the same coin are more enjoyable. And there’s only one winner, you and your guests.

Whether you’ve been invited to a dinner party or are putting together your own, remember that wine matters, so here are a few tips for you. Wine styles that will elevate your holiday season to tasty new heights! Take note and pop open a bottle of wine; let that holiday spirit really sink in.

Creamy, Full-bodied White Wines

Some people say buttery, oaky Chardonnay is not in vogue, but the holiday season is another story. This varietal is ideal to be served along with turkey, chicken, pork roast, mashed potatoes, or crème caramel.

Chardonnay is already a sturdy white grape that renders full-bodied wines, and when aged in oak barrels, it gains the loveliest vanilla flavors and hints of warm winter spices of cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg. Aren’t these the holiday’s flavors?

Fun Wines for Thanksgiving

Find a nice white Burgundy or a California Chardy and enjoy this fantastic wine style with your family’s signature dishes. It works every time.

Light-bodied Red Wines

Everyone loves big, bold reds like Cabernet and Syrah, but light-bodied wines are equally pleasing. For the holidays, something silkier might be in order.

Pinot Noir is the name of the game. The wines are smooth and cherry scented. If you find a proper Californian Pinot, we swear you can almost smell that jammy cranberry sauce.

Other wines that fit this decadent profile; the French Beaujolais, the Austrian Saint Laurent and the Spanish Mencía are equally silken smooth and slick. Perfect wines for a chilly holiday evening.


Sparkling wine is in its own category; it’s not only refreshing and tasty; filled with apples, brioche, and baker’s yeast on the nose, the wine is super celebratory. Bubbles were literally invented for special occasions.

There are more sparkling wine styles than you think. From dry wines labeled as Brut to pleasantly sweet versions labeled as Demi-sec. See what works best for you.

There’s more good news. Sparkling wine has an elevated acidity, which means that it goes well with literally every food, from starters to dessert. Don’t wait for a special occasion to pop open some bubble, every time you serve sparkling wine is a special moment.

There You Have It!

Wine for all types of food and all occasions. You can’t go wrong with the above, but you know what? Wine is also about experimenting and finding your own classic holiday pairings.

There’s no right or wrong answer. Pair the food you love with the wine you cherish the most; if you put your heart into it, you’ll be okay.

While you’re at it, we’d love to know about your family traditions. What are your favorite holiday wines? How will you pair them with dinner? Enjoy wine and share it with your loved ones; that’s what wine is all about.

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