Best Wine Glamping in Valle De Guadalupe

The Valle de Guadalupe, the most prestigious wine region in Mexico and source of 90% of the country’s fine wine, is every wine-lover’s dream. Still, it’s also a paradise for foodies and outdoor enthusiasts.

The Valley is located near Ensenada, in Baja California, just miles from the US border. Here, the arid weather that characterizes the northern part of the country is unperceivable. Instead, a unique Mediterranean climate permeates the area. Making this a prime region for vineyards.

Visiting the wine country is always an exciting proposition, but the Valley is taken wine tourism seriously, most recently with a myriad of opportunities to experience glamping.

Glamping, you say?

Best Wine Glamping in Valle De Guadalupe

The word ‘glamping’ comes from the terms camping and glamour. Camping is all about getting in touch with nature and has forever been the exact opposite of luxury and glamour. Well, not in the Valle de Guadalupe.

Here, exciting projects, including Ixchel Glamping, Guadalupe Valle Glamping, Campera Bubble Hotel, and Posada del Valle offer guests the opportunity to connect with the environment while still enjoying five-star amenities.

Imagine yourself in an isolated cabin right in the middle of the verdant vineyards. The views are just amazing, an authentic camping experience, but there’s more. With just one phone call to the lobby, you can enjoy a world-class meal cooked by a prestigious chef with local ingredients.

Spas, horseback riding, trekking, wine tastings and luxurious meals. That’s the Valley’s new take on tourism, and people love it.

How to enjoy your own Glamping at Valle de Guadalupe?

Arrive at the coastal city of Ensenada, a 1.5-hour ride South from Tijuana, and while you’re here, enjoy some of Mexico’s most decadently fresh seafood dishes. Ceviche, fish tacos and lobster are amazing here, and so is the coastal view.

Once you’ve eaten all the seafood you can, drive to the East taking the Wine Route. There are over 75 wineries in the region, so feel free to visit the ones you like the most. All wineries are open for visitors, and wine tastings are regularly scheduled.

Make sure you book your glamping accommodations a few weeks in advance. Most boutique glamping hotels have less than ten rooms (or huts).

It goes without saying food is awesome here, but glamping experiences fill quickly, so make a reservation on one of the exciting Baja-Med restaurants in the valley. La Esperanza, Olivia, Pasion del Valle and Bocado are delicious alternatives.

Sit under the stars with a glass of wine in hand

Make sure you try as much Mexican wine as you can, it’s getting better every year, and people are noticing. The region is much more than gorgeous landscapes and great food — people come here for the wine.

If you’re planning on being meticulous about wine, book a tour, and you won’t have to worry about driving! The Valle de Guadalupe is a unique experience, so don’t miss out on it. Glamping in the valley just doesn’t get any better.

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