Australia, Wine from Down Under

Australia is a massive country, slightly smaller than the US. Down here, you can expect all climates and ecosystems. From Sydney to Perth, and everything in between, Australia is a small world in its own right.

Australia’s food scene is as exciting as the best in the US or Europe; people are hardcore dedicated here. There’s a fiery passion behind the pots and pans, but where everything comes together is in the country’s vineyards — thousands of hectares of rolling hills yielding the grapes behind fantastic wines.

Australia is the seventh-largest wine-producing country behind Europe’s powerhouses, the US, Chile, and Argentina. Still, when it comes to diversity, Australia has a hand in every wine style in existence.

Quite an Impressive Geography

Despite its size, most of Australia is arid drylands, only irrigated vineyards thrive here — where the country’s bulk wine comes to be. The coast is another story; between the Ocean and the steep Great Dividing Range, you’ll find awesome vineyards growing world-class grapes.

Australia, Wine from Down Under

The country’s better-known wines come from South Australia. Regions like the Barossa Valley are ideal for growing ripe Shiraz grapes, elsewhere known as Syrah. Expect jammy red fruit, chocolate, dried herbs and freshly cracked black peppercorns in every glass of luscious and coating red wine.

Then there’s the coldest regions inland, like the fantastic Yarra Valley near Melbourne. Here you’ll find awe-inspiring Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and sparkling wine. The stuff is on par with the best of California and France.

Travel all the way to the West to find the Margaret River Valley. The resemblance to the French region of Bordeaux is astounding. It comes as no surprise here you’ll discover age-worthy Cabernets that go very well with Australia’s famous ‘barbies’ or outdoor barbecues. These labels are worthy of any wine collection.

There’s more than Whites and Reds

Did you know the famous Champagne House Möet & Chandon has a winery in Australia? That’s because the country has it all, even the specific climate to craft high-quality bubbles.

And there’s more. If you’ve ever heard about Portugal’s famous Port, well, Australia has its own version as well. Locals call them ‘stickies’ because these extravagantly sweet wines are syrupy and palate coating. This is just a drop in the bucket.

Over 160 grape varieties are scattered across the 146,000 hectares of vines. Listen to this; there are 2,500 wineries in Australia across a whopping 65 wine regions. Do you think you know Australian wine? It’s much more than Yellow Tail; it’s a world to discover.

Would You Travel Across the World to Visit Australia?

A 24-hour flight will take to the land of kangaroos, in what’s the most remote country on the planet, but be warned; you might not want to leave!
Only one word could describe Australia fairly — diversity. And that applies to everything, the weather, the people, the food and most importantly, the tasty wine. As Australians say, ‘Go give Australia a fair shake of the sauce bottle,’ because there’s something for everyone down under.

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